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Bijgewerkt op: 14 dec. 2021

With the Inclusiv/Exclusiv project, Studio POC, MAXlab and CREATIE are reviving the art activities of campus deSingel on its iconic exterior walls. In normal times, during the interdisciplinary projectweek NextDoors of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, people create and experiment between the different disciplines from the conservatoire. In times of a pandemic, unfortunately, this is not possible. But to give the students of the Schools of Arts and arts campus deSingel an artistic and inspiring group feeling, Studio POC is bringing the arts outside in a safe way, with the various disciplines meeting each other digitally. During this event, motion graphics and experimental videos will be projected onto the Immersive Cube, including experimental videos by students of deKunsthumaniora. There will also be live drawings on the outside walls of deSingel campus by students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in dialogue with a live performance by Jazz students from the conservatoire. The event will be streamed live in a virtual space.

With support form the city of Antwerp.

More on Studio POC:

* IMMERSIVE CUBE/DOORS OF PERCEPTION, motion graphics by students Graphic Design Royal Academy, tutored by Michael Segers & Janna Beck, students from projection mapping BA course at PJAIT (Warsaw, Poland) tutored by Olga Wroniewicz and students AVV from de!Kunsthumaniora Antwerp, tutored by Veronique Lepoivre.

* FRAMED, real-time live animation drawing by students Royal Academy Antwerp in collaboration with Wouter Steel, Janna Beck & Kris Meeussen (Lab101)


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