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'ARIA!'Concert with live animation drawing

Arias by Frescobaldi (1583-1643), Monteverdi (1567-1643) and John Cage (1912-1992). With live animation drawing by students of the Academy. For Articulate 2023, research seminar, at the Royal Academy of Antwerp.

This project sets up a surprising confrontation between the radical innovations in singing style for solo voice at the beginning of the seventeenth century and those of the second half of the twentieth century. Although these two periods differ greatly in sound and aesthetics, both saw a search for new possibilities and for surprising and even chocking singing styles. Musically, the beginning of the seventeenth century in Italy meant a radical break with the past: the polyphonic web of equal voices made way for a new style. Human voices assumed a more prominent role: the individual expression of passion, of feeling, was now all-important. In his 'Aria' from 1958 and the 'Song Books' from 1970 John Cage explored the parameters of the solo voice. In doing so he used a whole arsenal of notation possibilities: some were written in our standard music notation, but others used alternatives with circles of various sizes, lines, dots and all sorts of shapes in different colors.

The project ‘FRAMED’ investigates how drawers can intuitively create real-time animations. Specific software has been developed for this project and allows artists to co-create live animations on the spot. In various experiments and performances, drawers will work on the basic principles of animation and explore the visual expressive possibilities of “drawing in motion”. Through co-creation and cross-pollination, the artists are challenged to achieve a dynamic collaborative artwork that responds live to the environment and the public. New to this episode of ‘FRAMED’ will be that the set-up of the large immersive environment will facilitate the space and time for experimental live interventions (by Martino Morandi and Kris Meeusen). This project is being initiated by Janna Beck and Wouter Steel and is part of the collaborative research project '&CO'.

'ARIA!' Concert with live animation drawing by Frank Agsteribbe, Janna Beck, Wouter Steel and students from the Academy and the Conservatoire Antwerp (Charlotte Bary, Lenneke Nijst, Kristien Doumen, Herlinde Van de Straete and Anaïs Simon)


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