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drawing marathon 2023

Every two years, the 24-hour Drawing Marathon is organised throughout the Academy's spaces. Students, teachers, staff and the public find their way to pencil and paper through the eclectic programme and the unique atmosphere. During the Drawing Marathon, you can experience the art of drawing in all shapes: from classic model drawing with pencil and paper, to interactive digital drawing performances with Growing Gifs and 3D experiments.

This edition tableaux vivants will come to life in 'De Tempel', there will be live dissections of human limbs and a visit by the youngest ballerinas to De Lange Zaal. The opening performance will be provided by 'De Bezigheidsclub' while Theatre Artemis will give everyone a makeover a little later in their 'Zelfloket'. The nighttime will be kicked off by live bondage after which musical acts such as Bruital and Drag Me To Hell will take over the drawing festival. Those looking to experience the full 24 hours will of course also find food & drinks on site.

In short: #BYOP and join in! (Bring Your Own Pencil - Bring Your Own Peeps - Bring Your Own Party)

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