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Artfluence ‘Human Rights’ Festival.

Urban Projections: ‘Designing Freedom’ forms part of the Centre for Creative Arts’

This is a night event featuring still and moving images that will be projected on the windows of the Denis Hurley Centre and the walls of adjacent buildings. The projections are presented by the Denis Hurley Centre, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the program of Digital Arts (UKZN) . The Denis Hurley Centre’s large scale scripts projection focuses on the commitment to peace shared by the Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions, by showing the word written in the alphabet of the 4 Scriptures. Peace Shalom Salaam Shanti. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) presents a memorial projection featuring a series of 60 images in an incomplete puzzle with each puzzle piece representing individuals who migrated from Zimbabwe to South Africa and went missing along the journey or after arrival. These families form part of the ICRC’s “Missing and Deceased Migrants Project”. The Digital Arts program and selected local artists present animations and digital artworks that explore var ious human rights themes, with an emphasis on ‘the right to freedom of expression’. Lastly, the projections will feature a collaborative drawing event between UKZN,the Urban Sketchers Group, and the University of Antwerp. The drawing application that this exhibit is centered around: ‘FRAMED', is open source software that was created by Janna Beck and her Maxlab team at the Royal College of Fine Art (Antwerp University College) to allow artists to draw and co-create simultaneously and interactively.

Drawing Inspiration

Artist: Bhavna Pather

Medium: 2D Digital painting

Synopsis: The drawing application that this exhibit is centered around: ‘FRAMED’, is an open source software that was created at the Maxlab research group (Royal Academy Antwerp) to allow many artists to draw simultaneously on one canvas that consists of different frames. ‘FRAMED’ in its inception allows new possibilities of expression and alternative forms of creation, collaboration, and audience participation. The visual imagery of this exhibit draws on the many cultures we see in South Africa today, the drawings, that were created by Bhavna assisted by a group of second year digital art students at UKZN, are inspired by the rich history, cultural backgrounds and artistic expressions of South Africa and her people. This projection is linked to an interactive drawing collaboration between UKZN and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP University College)

Bio: Bhavna Pather is a Digital Art Masters student at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Currently, she is involved in an exchange programme with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium supported by VLIR-UOS.


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