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Guerilla Graffiti

Bijgewerkt op: 12 jan. 2019

Masterclass 2018 at Royal Academy Antwerp. A high-tech guerilla street art campaign. Think of graffiti but then a 2.0 version. Together with the master students, we worked out a substantive and visual concept for a guerrilla performance with a mobile projector throughout the city.

with Rebecca Cocker, Carolien Derop, Manon Steegmans, Marijn Vonk, Lou Xiohan, Shengling Cheng, Senne Marquenie, Tijsje Revalk Kevin Senkbeil, Brandon Wen, Maximilian Rittler, Laurens Legiers, Wouter Steel, Janna Beck, Kris Meeussen (Lab101) and Bram (BeamInc).


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