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How can we allow artists to create live dynamic spontaneous visualizations that respond to both the environment and the audience?

The FRAMED project, which started as a small research endeavor in collaboration with my colleagues Wouter and Kris to bring model drawing into the 21st century, has grown into a transformative co-created initiative.

We recognized the benefits of collaborative drawing and developed a platform that allows artists to intuitively work together in real-time visual jam sessions. As the art world evolves, technology plays a crucial role in enabling collaborative art-making and fostering innovation. The FRAMED project serves as a platform for artists to create unique and authentic co-created digital experiences.

Over time, we expanded the project by incorporating live drawing performances with large-scale projections and involving artists from different disciplines. The software continuously improved with each event, project, or happening, serving as a support for artists to push their boundaries and engage in new challenges and collaborations nationally and internationally.



open source software:

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