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HPSCHD for the Articulate Research Days

Finally, the legendary work by John Cage is brought to life again, this time with a contemporary update. 50 years after its original performance, seven harpsichord players are joined by seven visual artists during this five-hour performance. You are immersed in the colourful, psychedelic Cage universe and are invited to explore the space: sit, walk between the harpsichords or just stop to listen and absorb the atmosphere.

~ THANK YOU ~ to everyone who joined us and to all harpsichord players: Frank Agsteribbe, Yves Senden, Daniel Valkenborgh, Jeroen Malaise, Luc Vanvaerenbergh, Korneel Bernolet, Liselotte Sels / visual artists: Janna Beck, Wouter Steel, David Andries, Frederik Schnieders, Frederick Feyfer, Robin Adriaenssens, Paulien Verheyen, Denie Put, Inge Cornil, Pieter Van der Donckt, Maximilian Rittler, Maxim Preaux / Tom Dietvorst, Lab101, MAXlab, Wacom Creatives Europe, Arco Music Organised by the incredible Art & Research team of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen! Video by Visual Assault


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