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Schermafbeelding 2021-04-29 om 00.18.59.
  • Schermafbeelding 2021-05-01 om 23.22.28.
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  • Instagram - an Antwerp based artists' initiative - made its way through the oversupply of #NFT art and made a fascinating selection of digital artworks, both by more renowned artists and emerging artists.


A unique gallery

In collaboration with PleinPubliek, a well-known circular event space in the south of Antwerp, a dynamic concept was developed for the gigantic immersive projection in which Plein Publiek becomes, as it were, a unique 'digital art gallery' for NFTart.

Janna Beck, Annelise Cerchedean and Thomas Gladiné immerse the visitor in a panoramic 360° visual landscape.

Whoever enters Plein Publiek, therefore, also enters a world of #NFT art.

An upside down world of crypto-currency, retro pop, contemporary art, open platforms, Elon Musks and Beeples.


A revolution in the art-world

NFTart has long ceased to be a noble unknown, and today this futuristic form of collecting seems to be embraced by the world for the first time. In March 2021, a digital work was sold for a record $69 million, this event triggered the rise of #NFT, NFTart or Non Fungable Token. A way to provide digital art with a unique certificate of authorship.

 Was this the definitive breakthrough for the acceptance and appreciation of NFTart as worthy and valuable?

All the while, #nft will also fundamentally change and democratize the art experience. It is a statement of freedom, copyright and ownership. It is therefore seen as the new, modern form of art collecting.


Collecting art

Works are offered at democratic prices and their purchase is compared to love at first sight. makes digital art accessible via an online collection and invites you to fall for a work.

If artworks are not priced, you can always make an offer. You only need a Tezos-wallet (the “vegan” cryptocoin).

As simple as swiping to the right, but with proof of authenticity.

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