Multidisciplinary Artist/Art Director/Curator/Researcher/

Janna is a multidisciplinary artist based in Antwerp (Belgium) with focus on cutting edge contemporary art and interactive media. Janna harvests the common ground around art and technology, between analogue and digital. Always reflecting on conceptual ideas and bring them to reality.



Janna Beck curates, conceptualizes and executes projects. She is also lecturers interactive design at the Royal Academy Antwerp where she founded MAXlab, a research group on contemporary digital arts. One of her current research projects is GrowingGifs, an art project that combines the classical metier of drawing with 21st century tools (in collaboration with Wouter Steel, Steve Pille and Lab101).

Janna’s personal artistic research is inspired by the often digitally created perverted space between reality and fiction, translating them into an interaction between analogue and digital, manual and ‘high-tech’ in series known as “MindGaps”, "Project Prince Charming" and "Naive endorphins". She is engaged in research that explores the technical imperfection of the photographic image. Janna Beck has contributed to national and international exhibitions, among them exhibitions for Europalia, the worldexpo in Aichi and the book “stadsgedichten” van Tom Lanoye.